Planning your Spring Break in Colorado 2014

Every year in United States, schools and colleges, have a one week recess which happens from March to April. During spring break, also known as Spring Vacation or March Break, many students plan a week long vacation to many popular destinations such as Lake Havasu City in Arizona, Fort Lauderdale, Daytona Beach and Panama City in Florida, Cancun Mexico and Vail and Aspen Colorado.

Packing and Planning Your Trip to Colorado

Colorado offers variety of attractions to its visitors that range from winter sports and summer outdoor activities to gaming in nearly 40 casinos. When you travel to Colorado, packing suitable clothing and having the right gear for your trip is a necessity, unless you want your vacation to turn into an unrelenting misery. Due to its higher altitude, Colorado’s temperature can fluctuate from below zero at night to hot unbearable over 100 degrees during the day. To ensure an amazing vacation, understanding what to pack and what to carry for you and your family is a must

Great American Beer Festival 2014

The GABF, known as the Great American Beer Festival, is an event which is held in Denver, Colorado by the Brewers Association for three days in early September or early October each year. During this festival which brings fan from all around the United States to Colorado, more than 2000 different American beers are available to visitors for tasting. Also over 100 judges from the United States and abroad will evaluate the different beers. During this event gold, silver and bronze medals in more than 83 beer style categories are awarded.