Navigating Your Way Around DIA

DIA is so large, and it is designed in a way that can take passengers some time to get to their gate. It might be confusing for new passengers to navigate around and so we try to give you some facts to help you get around. Denver International Airport has 6 levels and 3 concourses. Level 6 is dedicated to passenger drop offs and passengers can be picked up on level 4. Level 5 is for baggage claim. DIA provides elevators, escalators and moving sidewalks as well as underground train to help passengers reach their gates or to leave the airport. All gates are a nine-minute train ride or less from the terminal.

It is recommended to arrive two hours before your flight is due to take off. Please arrive at the airport three hours before your flight is scheduled for take off if you are traveling international. It usually takes some time to get your boarding pass, check your luggage, pass through the security line and navigate to your gate. If everything goes smoothly you will still have time to sit down and relax, or check the shops for gifts or grab a bite to eat without rushing.

Tickets and Checked Baggage

You can prepare your boarding pass at home. This will allow you to save time and avoid the hassle of standing in a long line at the airline ticket counter at DIA. Another way to do this is to use one of of the kiosks at the ticket counter which will print the boarding pass for you. This is only if you don’t have any bags to check. If you have luggage that you need to check, there are some curbside luggage check-in on level 6 when you come to Denver International Airport. Level 6 is the passenger drop-off area. You can ask for priority service in case you are stuck in a long line inside at the ticket counter. If that is the case asked an airline employee to see if they can help you and let them know that your plane is leaving soon


At DIA, security lines are often crowded so it pays to be prepared. That way you can pass through security as quickly as possible and not hold up other passengers, or arrive late to your gate. Please have your photo ID ready in case the airport personal ask you for it.

some of the things to remember during your security check point:

  • Dont forget to empty your pockets completely
  • Do not take any water or liquids with you during your wait. Liquids are not allowed passed the security check point
  • Make sure that your bag and purse are placed on the conveyor belt and are moving before you move forward.
  • Your coat, shoes and belt should be removed and placed in a bin.
  • All laptops need to be placed in a separate bin, out of their cases.
  • Regarding liquids, the rule still applies to put all liquids of 3 ounces or less in a clear Ziploc baggie, make sure it is completely sealed, and place it in a bin, not in your luggage or purse.

Concourses at DIA

Denver International Airport is one of the biggest well-planned airports in the US. DIA has three concourses, A,B and C. Each of the concourses can be reached useing the under ground train as well as the pedestrian bridge, moving sidewalks, escalators, and walkways. The train provides a smooth ride and has enough room in case you have some luggage to carry with you. Using the train it usually takes about 5 minutes from the concourse to the farthest gate once you clear the security section. You can visit many shops at each of the concourses, so if you have any time left before your flight, you can enjoy shopping or have a meal prior to your departure

Getting Your Luggage

Denver International Airport has a very efficient luggage system and it is usually very straight forward to pick-up your luggage after you get off your flight. After you get off your plane, you will need to take the train or walk to the main terminal. The baggage claim is located on level 5. You can see the conveyor belts for all luggage arrivals. There are time to time where bags do not get loaded to the carousel. If that is the case do not panic. Just go to the lost luggage office in the main terminal and give them all of the pertinent information so they can help you to locate your baggage. DIA has a good record regarding the safe and fast delivery of luggage to the baggage claim area.


Security Check Points

Passenger Drop-off

Baggage Claim